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Senhit & Friends

“I Am What I Am” is an anthem of self-affirmation, independence and courage that continues to inspire millions of people around the world. This song was written by Jerry Herman for the musical “La Cage aux Folles” and was made famous by Gloria Gaynor with her powerful performance in 1983. The song has become the signature song for anyone who has had to fight to be themselves and was chosen as the theme song by the international LGBTQ+ choirs event which takes place around the world every 4 years and which took place in Bologna in June this year, for the first time in Italy.

During the event presented by Senhit, the artist sang “I Am What I Am” creating a beautiful moment of unity between the choirs participating in the event and then with the entire audience. The Freaky Queen and the Queen of Disco Music thus cross paths thanks to this timeless song, which reminds everyone that each of us has the right to be ourselves, to embrace our uniqueness and to live without fear or judgement.

Senhit, an Italian-Eritrean and citizen of the world, known for her eclectic talent and her extraordinary ability to express emotions through music, has decided to honour this timeless song with a passionate reinterpretation, accompanied by the LGBTQ+ choir from Bologna “Komos”, with the production of Placido Simone and Massimo Zanotti and with the contribution of Gigi Barocco for mixing and mastering.