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Spotlight on Autism: Making neurodiversity more visible!

Mark your calendars for November 7th in Amsterdam, Rozengracht and join us for an afternoon of engaging talks, panel discussions and presentations on creating opportunities for people on the Autism spectrum to become more visible, with a special focus on their representation in the Dutch media.

There are still preconceived notions and stereotypical thinking about people with autism which prevent them from being cast in movies, commercials and TV shows. Indeed, in today’s modern media landscape, they are almost invisible. When they are featured, it is frequently in a classical ‘Rain Man’ way. This narrow representation perpetuates misconceptions and fosters a limited understanding of individuals with autism and what they are capable of.

What are the differences and shared attributes between neurodiverse and neurotypical people? And how can this knowledge empower us to increase their inclusion in appropriate roles, even small, within various media productions?

In collaboration with the Israeli Embassy in The Hague, InterActing, Amsterdam’s esteemed non-profit theater school for teenagers with autism invites a group of distinguished speakers and panelists linked to the Dutch media landscape. The event takes place at the prestigious Boom Chicago venue on Rozengracht 117 in Amsterdam, the home of InterActing classes and shows.

The captivating program is scheduled as follows:

14:00: Registration and networking

14:20 – 14:30: Welcome by Boom Chicago Founder, InterActing Program Director and special guests

Andrew Moskos co-founded Boom Chicago and is the father of a son on the spectrum. Saskia Maas is the initator and program director of InterActing. They will also introduce a special guest to say a few opening words.

Mordi Ben Hamo posing for the camera

14:30 – 15:15: Guest lecture by Mordechai Ben Hamo

He has successfully navigated life with autism. He provides a captivating lecture about his extraordinary journey, including his achievements in music as well as achieving his PHD.

Andrew Moskos will facilitate a short Q&;A session afterwards.

15:15 – 15:35: The students of InterActing perform 

Andrew Moskos introduces the 20-minute improvised performance which uses suggestions from the audience.

15:35 – 16:15: Break – Refreshment Break and Small Bites

Gondra Haanstra posing for the camera

16:15 – 16:45: Panel: Involving People with Autism in the Media

The panel will consist of a mix of neurotypical and divergent media professionals, including Gonda Haanstra. Hosted by Andrew Moskos.

16:45-17:00: Closing Remarks by Andrew Moskos and Saskia Maas

17:00-18:00: Networking and Socializing

Network with fellow attendees. Refreshments and light snacks will be available. And before the exit people could take away merchandise.