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Julia Plott


Have you watched all of the good things on Netflix? Is komkommertijd television not ‘scratching that itch’? Luckily, Boom Chicago found new ways to keep these times exciting with top-quality entertainment. We ventured past the walls of Netflix, and into the land of Youtube and Instagram for material to keep you laughing through these unpredictable times. Our hilarious cast compiled lists of videos, films, and comedians that may not have made it on your binge-watching radar yet. If they think it’s funny, it’s gonna be pretty funny. The lists are in no particular order, differ in style and content. They’re like a box of chocolates. This week, we’ll take a look at Long Islander Stacey Smith’s top recs. Enjoy! Comedians You Need to Follow Today: – Amy Sedaris (Her book Hospitality under the Influence and her series Stranger with Candy?…


Dave Chappelle, one of the top comedians right now, will play the Ziggo Dome Saturday and there are still tickets left! There is still a chance to see Chappelle’s famous fusion style of honest and grounded sentiment, with a heavy-handed dash of provocation. Creator of Comedy Central’s Chappelle Show, and then walking away from the fame it gave him for years, he is well known for touching on sensitive subject matter…however, ‘grabbing’, ‘yanking’ or ‘pulling’ may be better words to describe how he approaches such subjects. While Chappelle’s style of humor is not likely to breed a feeling of warmth and acceptance within the audience, and his fame makes it impossible for the angry left to cancel him, it is guaranteed to have you thinking twice about daily habits and societal norms we so often take for granted. And you…