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Seth Meyers, Brendan Hunt, Amber Ruffin, Heather Anne Campbell, Jill Benjamin, Horace Cohen, Ruben van der Meer, Lara Ricote, and more! Thank you to all the alumni, performers, audiences, staff and volunteers who made our 3rd Annual Boom Chicago Comedy Festival a success! We’ll see you next year! Or well, next week. Our shows don’t stop!



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Boom’s most ambitious and funny show! Guest starring Brendan Hunt and Heather Anne Campbell, they’ll share personal experiences with our actors, who then present a show of improvised sketches and characters plucked from these stories.

For Dutch people who like leedvermaak (all of you), or anyone who can appreciate schadenfreude, please laugh proudly at other people’s misfortune. It’s OK!


The Amsterdam show sensation! A exciting and original comedy idea where eight presenters have five minutes each to deliver a funny PowerPoint presentation on the most unusual (but true) subjects you can imagine. Drink and learn things at PowerPints… Just add beer!


Sluit je aan bij drie van de beste improvisatieteams van Nederland in één line-up! Flunknarf, Op Sterk Water en nieuwkomers HSV de Honingbij.

Flunknarf zit vol met bekroonde Nederlandse cabaretiers, Op Sterk Water won onze allereerste Bud Comedy Award op BCCF 2021 en HSV de Honingbij is een nieuwe groep waarvan we verwachten dat ze de komende tien jaar de scene gaan domineren.



The famous NYC queer variety show comes to Amsterdam!

Think disco vibes that features dance numbers, comedy, drag, burlesque, music, and did we mention DISCO?!?! Based on a love of the 70’s, DISCOunt highlights a cast of comedians, drag, and burlesque performers, in a clown-filled and chaotic evening.

Comedy smarties Cum Laude deliver an incredible musical comedy spectacle.

Featuring Tess Tregellas, the lead content creator of Betches, Jaz Zepatos of Millenial Movie Club, and North Coast founding member Douglas Widick, they will have you humming their tunes. Hosted by Boom Chicago songstresses Katie Nixon and Stacey Smith!

Some people can just say funny things, but others are experts in creating memorable and funny characters. Nikk Terault, Arfie Mansfield and Louie Cordon are three people who will have you in stitches, just from the people they play in this hour of improvised and scripted characters.


Every season, we audition new “house teams” from the graduates of the Boom Chicago Academy. Come watch two incredible teams of up-and-coming talent from the Boom community officially step onto the Amsterdam improv scene! Expect big laughs!

Step into a world of unpredictable comedy as our cherished regular audience members command the stage. With their quick thinking and genuine connection to our mainstage shows, these talented individuals, who also happen to be dedicated students at the esteemed Boom Academy, will ignite your funny bone like never before!

Witness the rise of improv comedy’s brightest talents at the electrifying Rising Stars Improv Showcase! Prepare to laugh as the brilliant minds from the esteemed Boom Academy take the stage, showcasing their extraordinary skills and proving why they are the crème de la crème.